NEAR Hackathon 2023 – 1st prize winner – Obrigado

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the recent success of our project, Obrigado, at the NEARCON IRL Hackathon, where we clinched the 1st place prize! As the Head of Product at and the creator of the idea behind Obrigado, this achievement is particularly close to my heart.

Check it out here:

Obrigado: Revolutionizing the NEAR Ecosystem

Obrigado emerged as a groundbreaking project that addresses a significant challenge in the NEAR ecosystem: enabling heavy computations like training large language models or analyzing DNA data, utilizing idle computing resources. This innovative solution fills a critical gap, preventing reliance on external chains or centralized services for such tasks, thereby enhancing efficiency and user experience within the NEAR ecosystem​​​​​​.

Building Obrigado involved developing a user-friendly interface for task submitters, alongside a seamless system for task runners to contribute their idle computing power. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to creating solutions that are not only technically robust but also accessible to a diverse user base​​​​.

The Connection

My journey with Obrigado finds its roots in my role at, where we manage the complete lifecycle of complex workloads and experiments, from inception to production deployment. is a platform that supports multiple data modalities, including images, text, audio, and video data, fostering an environment ripe for innovation​​​​.

At, we prioritize reproducibility, scalability, transparency, and cost-effectiveness, values that align perfectly with the objectives of Obrigado. The platform facilitates experiment orchestration, running them both in the cloud and on local machines, a feature that resonates with Obrigado’s decentralized computational model​​​​.

As the Head of Product, I’ve been fortunate to lead and be involved in diverse projects at, from bioinformatics to sports video analytics and predictive maintenance​​​​​​. This diverse exposure has been instrumental in shaping Obrigado, infusing it with a rich understanding of various technological needs and applications.

Looking Ahead

The win at the NEARCON IRL Hackathon is just the beginning. With Obrigado, we’re poised to be the cornerstone for heavy computing within the NEAR ecosystem. This integration with NEAR’s infrastructure will enhance the overall value proposition of NEAR and its decentralized applications​​.

At, our journey continues as we push the boundaries of AI and data processing. The synergy between Obrigado and demonstrates our commitment to pioneering solutions that are not only innovative but also drive real business and societal value.

This dual achievement reflects our dedication to the technological advancement of decentralized solutions, marking an exciting phase for both Obrigado and As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to the countless possibilities that lie ahead in our mission to democratize access to powerful computational resources and experimental platforms.


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