EBC9 Hackathon – Winning project – CoredIn

CoredIn is the new professional SocialFI network built on Coreum blockchain!

With CoredIn, all users information is backed by verifiable credentials following the latest standards on Self-Solvereign identity while leveraging a custom WASM contract to create an onchain DID registry and control data sharing.

On top of that, users are able to subscribe to each other profile with a soulbound smartNFT minted by paying a small fee to the profile owner. Since only generic and anonymous data is stored onchain, subscribed users can access the actual profile information and will soon be able to securely message the profile owner directly within CoredIn with encrypted onchain messages (WIP – not implemented during the Hackathon).

CoredIn MVP has been developed during the EBC hackathon by a multidisplicary team from all ages and experiences.

Project Presentation

You can find our presentation with all product and tech details here. An static PDF file of the presentation is also available inside the repo at documents/CoredInPresentation.pdf

Project Demo

Here’s a video showcasing the flows implemented during the hackathon.

Testnet deployment

The app has been succesfully deployed in testnet!

The CoredIN contracs is deployed at testcore1wnc64xdun6m754crqhxsht09ad4zv7dw0t26msq7m36004rjnlyqhpykdn.

Production environment

The app is not prod ready yet but hopefully it’s going to be available soon at https://cored.in