Igor Perić

With more than ten years of software engineering experience, I have successfully helped various businesses grow and expand internationally by attracting talented people, building and leading development teams and managing foreign investment capital.

Currently architecting an AI experimentation platform, developing data processing algorithms on mobile devices in my role as the Director of R&D at BioMech Sensor LLC. I also serve as Managing Director of BioMech Development Center in my hometown Bijeljina, in Bosnia. I am running legal, financial and human resource aspects of the business, while at the same time educating young, ambitious people and helping them build their careers.

I won multiple international competitions in algorithms, data structures and software development, during my academic career in computer science. As a Senior Microsoft Student Partner I was a guest speaker on multiple Microsoft conferences and universities. I lived, worked and studied my PhD in Germany as a high-performance computing engineer on the European Human Brain Project, integrating neuromorphic hardware into a neurorobotics platform. During that period published seven papers in international robotics journals, two of which won the best paper awards for modeling of memory formation in spiking neural networks. I have also presented at numerous international conferences.

I authored my first US patent in 2020 while working with BioMech and have multiple pending patient submissions for artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

Oh, I also try to blog regularly about some fun computer science topics I come across.

What I Do

Director of R&D Center

Managing operations of a remote Research & Development center for a USA-based motion tracking company. Involved in talent acquisition and retainment, legal and financial administration and public relations. Working closely with Board of Directors to define product development and market adaptation strategy for successful application of AI to healthcare, sports and industrial systems.

Software Architect

More than a decade of software engineering experience in multiple ecosystems have taught me to identify repeating common patterns in software development. I now promote those best practices through enforcing clean code principles while architecting complex software systems.

Mentor / Leader

As a self-motivated problem solver, I thrive in leading by example. I find pleasure in identifying talented people and helping them reach their full potential. Working side by side with them in form of 1-on-1 code reviews, peer programming, involving them in higher-level decision making and keeping them intellectually challenged effectively helps them grow their careers.


I am writing a tech blog about my learning path as a developer, various career experiences as a manager and competitive programming tasks and solutions. My passion have always been algorithms and data structures. I firmly believe that spreading knowledge and sharing experiences helped the society to get where we are and will push us to go even further, so this is my humble way of doing my part, one blog post at a time.